Brushing Technique

The VITABROSSE toothbrush aims to offer you a nice smile.
So to keep that smile, first take first a VITABROSSE toothbrush brand and brush your teeth effectively following the "BROS" method :
  • Brush : Brush top and bottom separately
  • Roll : The rotary motion to brush teeth and gums
  • Oblique : Tilt your brush at 45° on the gum
  • Follow a path : Take a tour of all your teeth without forgetting it

Our hair brushes are of three types and each type is designed for a specific hair type :
  • The pure boar hair brushes : This type of brush is made of natural hair and pure boar. These brushes are perfect for long to very long hair, and thin hair.
  • The reinforced boar hair brushes : The Hair brushes made of reinforced "mixture" which consists of natural boar and black nylon. The combination of boar and nylon is perfect for fleshy hair.
  • The nylon hair brushes : The soles in this type of brushes are made of nylon better quality that is slightly stiffer than the natural boar bristles and is ideal for very wavy hair.

Curlers for high class hair dressing.